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Quality Control

1. Establishment and continually improvement of ISO9000 / QS9000 /ISO/TS16949 and ISO14000, carrying out inner quality/environment audit and management review twice per year.
2. Pushing the management mode of goal management and procedure control.
3. Annually new goal for different level basing on continuously thought upswing.
4. Achievement evaluation amending according to the monthly management and quality goal.
5. Each division will hold quality meeting to summarize the monthly work; and the group will also hold general quality meeting to communicate the information between group and the domestic and overseas customers.
6. Strengthening to locale management, implementation of Four Systems (visual PCB checking, quality meeting, rational suggestion, and monthly report )
7. Holding supplier’s meeting periodically to improve the quality of materials.
8. Continuously improvement and elevation to the minimum work unit, and holding related activities.
9. Elevation of production efficiency and products quality to the maximum by establishing experiment line, improving production mode.
10. Management cadre will periodically check the works quality of each division all over, which including work plan, regular report forms, bylaws, implementation and training of quality system, technology assimilation, and progress of QC team.
11. Staff training including new employees quarters training, basic knowledge and company system training, manufacture technologies and skills training and so on.
12. Control Flow to Manufacture Procedure
PO assessment → Production arrangement (Technology&skills assessment and related documents preparation) →IQC reception and checking planning →IPQC control planning →Finished products checking planning → Periodical reliability tests →Checking of stock before delivery
13. Flow of Customers’Information Feedback